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Art modeling is not easy.

After a year of not being in the classroom, I went back to my job at VSU in the Art Department.  I am stiff, sore, and my left butt-cheek has an incredibly hard, painful knot in it.

Art modeling, in case you are wondering, is not easy.  The most difficult thing the human body can do is maintain a perfectly motionless pose for an extended length of time.  I will write a much longer article on this topic, but not right now.  Right now I'm going to stretch out on the floor and do some yoga.


So, it still needs a lot of work, but slephoto has started building my website & the main page has links to all my modeling portfolios & social networking spaces.
Go visit it:
Renee Blaine, The Original Sin, Nude & Fetish Model

On the road again...

Oh, the joys of travel.  Just for fun, I'm posting my Travel Log from Summer '09.  This will become relevant, I promise you, in future posts.  But for now, enjoy the chaos that is The Traveling Model

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Internet Modeling- For Art AND Profit

I know I promised a Part 2 to my previous entry, and it does exist- but I'm going to have to edit it for kindness' sake.  It came out a bit aggressive.  Instead, you get a nice, informative and fluffy article about the difference between modeling professionally, and modeling as a hobby.

So, I know that we all want to be considered professional in our dealings with other models and photographers.  However, there is a difference between behaving in a professional manner and being a professional model.  The easiest way to determine this is by income- does most of your income come from modeling and other related activities, such as promotional work, hostessing and support staff for events?  Do you book your work personally (or even through a legitimate agency), and actively spend time, money and energy managing your career- and is this your full-time job?  If so, you are a professional model, and there are certain business practices that you should be aware of.

Rule 1: Income is Income

You don't have to invest in uber fancy book-keeping software or the services of a high-priced accountant to keep accurate financial records.  Familiarize yourself with Excel and learn to build a financial record system.  You are responsible for taxes on income earned from modeling, so be honest and accurate with your income information. 

Rule 2: Know What You Can Write Off

Many of the expenses of your modeling can be written off at the end of every year.  As a full time traveling model last year, I wrote off 25,000 miles at .53/mile, $700 in shoot-specific wardrobe and props, and several hundred dollars in make-up and accessories needed for work.  Hotel expenses, bus and plane tickets and transit costs also became write-offs.


However, in writing off your expenses, you must be able to validate those expenses.  Sve receipts, organized by month and type (travel expenses, wardrobe/accessories, portfolio expenses if you pay photographers for work), and if you buy items specifically for a shoot, save a copy of that email where the item is necessitated in a “Tax Credit” folder on your email inbox.  If you have a second phone strictly for modeling, you can write off the entire year’s worth of phone bills as a business expense.


Rule 3: Divas Don’t Make Money


You know, and we know, that you are priceless.  However, you are going to have to decide what is a reasonable amount to charge for your grace, wit, beauty, charm and talents on camera.  A college art class may only pay you $10/hr, but it is a steady anchor income- so don’t turn your nose up if it’s offered.  A local amateur photographer may only be able to pay you a set amount for a shoot- consider carefully if that is a reasonable amount for your time, energy and the shoot requirements, especially if you do not have any other bookings knocking down the door for that day. 


The death knell for any working model is to say “I’m too good for $X/hr.  I’d rather not even shoot.”  Those words may come back to haunt you when you can’t find another booking for a month.  On average, a fulltime model will generally want to work at least three days a week, and more is always better.  Some weeks you may not work at all- which means if you end up with an 18 hour day on occasion, grab it with both hands.  Those long, hard, exhausting days will be the money that pays your bills on empty weeks.


Rule 4:  Never Lose Contact


If you are a working model in the internet world, you know that contacts are worth their weight in gold ink.  Phone numbers, email addresses and a quick synopsis of what they shoot and their restrictions regarding pay, scheduling and content are immensely useful.  Likewise, when you work with other models who are reliable, talented and down-to-earth, keep their contact info.  Having been on multiple sets where a model did not show, being able to whip out your little black book and rattle off a list of names, contact information and basic stats is a lifesaver- both for your reputation and the photographer’s production.


Rule 5: Be America’s Sweetheart


This is the Miss Manners portion of the program.  Be pretty, personable, polite.  If you have a concern, voice it- nicely.  Screaming profanity is for bar fights with your boyfriend, on set be calm, collected and always, always diplomatic.  If you need to be a violent bitch, make that the last thing you do before you walk out.  Do not do it from the get-go.  People want to work with models who are easy to be around and make the set run smoothly.


There we go.  Five easy, simple, practical rules to being a smart, sensible and successful professional models.

I have... inspiration.

And a ton of new images to post, lol.

I'm prepping for my run to Tampa (jan 23-24), then to Miami (Jan 24-26) and then to Atlanta, Lexington KY (Jan 29-30), NYC, and possibly Texas (the whole damn state in the next two months.

I have new wardrobe. I'm debating about cutting my hair. Or possibly putting in extensions. I'm going to be quitting smoking somewhere in my travels- and I may even go to strip club or three and ask to get up on stage with the ladies, lol.

In the meantime- pictures from the wonder CC Photo, Naples, FL.

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Pimping the prizes...

If you're a FetLife member, you have this link. If you aren't, you need it!!!